Pieris bryoniae (Hübner, 1806)

Family: Pieridae
Genus: Pieris
Species: bryoniae

  • This is high mountain species, a rare one, and can be found even at altitude higher that 2000 meters in grassy habitats.
  • Eggs are laid singly on the leaves of foodplant. The larval stage depends on temeperature and food availability. Fully-grown larva is approximately 30 mm long. The pupa is attached by a silken girdle and the cremaster on the foodplant.
  • Flight period: usualy in one generation from July to August.
  • Hostplant: different Brassicaceae (Cardamine, Biscutella, Thlaspi).

Similar species (in Europe): Pieris napi and Pieris segonzaci.

<i>Pieris bryoniae</i>, female (Romania)


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